Thank you for visiting the District Council of Mount Remarkable web site. If you need to come into the Council office, you'll find us next to the Town Hall in Melrose. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm.

The township of Melrose is at the foot of Mount Remarkable and is the oldest town in the Flinders Ranges. Wherever you turn in Melrose, you get a sense of the history of the town. The former Police Station and Court House is now home to the National Trust Museum, a fascinating place to visit next time you're in Melrose.

See also our district website http://www.mountremarkable.com.au/

Contact details of our staff and councillors are available for your convenience. Please drop us a line if you have any suggestions.

For all general enquiries please feel free to Email Council at postmaster@mtr.sa.gov.au (this is a generic Email address and your messages will be forwarded to the appropriate Council employee).

Customer Service Request (formerly CQI)

Council has a Customer Service Request facility whereby members of the public can lodge any request, complaint or incident that is identified within Council's jurisdiction.

A Customer Service Request can be submitted electronically by members of the public by clicking here. These requests will be forwarded to the appropriate Officer for assessment and action as considered necessary. Please note that Council does not formally respond to Customer Service Requests.

Rural Property Addressing

Rural Property Addressing is a joint state and local government initiative aimed to provide all occupied rural properties in South Australia - home and business - with a nationally consistent numbered address.

Many properties are currently located on un-named roads, requiring the property owner to rely on local knowledge and reference points among emergency services personnel (and service providers like vets and livestock officers) to find their property.  Descriptions of property location are often confusing, leading to time loss and frustration.

Rural Property Addressing will end that confusion and ambiguity.

This initiative will provide a distance-based road number (based on the national standard) for the road access point to occupied properties that will assist emergency services and other service providers to find homes and businesses in regional South Australia with certainty, quickly and easily.

A rural property address consists of the distance based road number, road name, locality and postcode.

In a staged roll-out until 2011, about 55,000 occupied properties in rural South Australia will be issued with an address and information on roadside signage.  Districts with a higher emergency services risk and preparedness to proceed will be targeted for early rollout.

For further information click on the link below: 


Council Meetings

The Ordinary Meetings of the District Council of Mount Remarkable are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers, Stuart Street, Melrose.

The Agenda for the Meeting will be made available prior to the Meeting and will be available for viewing or downloading by selecting Council Documents from the main menu and then selecting Meeting Agendas and then Council. Alternatively, you can click here.

Minutes of Council and Committee Meetings are placed on the website as soon as practical following Council or Committee Meetings. They are available for viewing or download by selecting Council Documents from the main menu and then selecting Meeting Minutes and then selecting the type of Minutes that you are wishing to access.

Flinders RDAP Meetings

The inaugural Meeting of the Flinders Regional Development Assessment Panel was held on Monday 24th May 2010, commencing at 4.00 pm in the Eyre Peninsula Meeting Room, Local Government House, 148 Frome Street, Adelaide.

Agendas for Meetings of the Panel will be made available prior to the Meetings and will be available for viewing or downloading by clicking here.

Minutes of Meetings of the Panel are placed on the website as soon as practical following Meetings. They are available for viewing or download by clicking here.

Heatwave Information

Heatwaves can have a detrimental impact on communities. They affect many parts of everyday life such as health and wellbeing, energy and infrastructure, public transport and agriculture. They can also contribute to an increased fire risk and heat stressed trees, which pose a significant threat to public safety.

The State Emergency Service (SES) has developed the Heatwave Information Guide to provide some simple steps to surviving heatwave. The guide also lists the signs of heat stress to look out for in yourself and others to ensure everyone's safety.

Further information or to download a copy of the Heatwave Information Guide please click below.

Important Contact Information
For medical advice telephone Healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222
For immediate medical assistance telephone 000

Heatwave Information Guide Heatwave%20Information%20Guide (550 kb)