Waste Management

Locations & Opening Times

Willowie Landfill Site:
Operating Hours:
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm    Thursday
10.00 am - 1.00 pm   Sunday

Port Germein Transfer Station:
Operating Hours:
9.30 am - 11.30 am   Sunday

Wirrabara Transfer Station:
Operating Hours:  
9.30 am - 11.30 1m   Thursday
2.30 pm - 4.30 pm     Sunday



Fees & Charges

Wheelie Bin                                                  $  3.00
Car & Car Boot or Stationwagon                       $  6.00
Panel Van                                                     $12.50
Small single axle trailer or ute                         $17.50
Small single axle trailer or ute with high sides   $22.50
Tray top utility (1 tonne)                                 $22.50
Tray top utility with high sides                          $27.00
Tandem axle trailers
   small                                                         $25.00
   small / high sides                                        $35.00
   large                                                          $35.00
   large / high sides                                        $50.00
   up to 5 tones GVM                                       $80.00
   5-12 tones GVM                                           $110.00
   12-20 tones GVM                                         $165.00
   over 20 tones GVM                                       $225.00
Skip Bins (up to 4 cubic metre)                         $85.00
Small semi   )                                                $50.00/tonne
Large semi   )                                                  
Car Body                                                       $25.00
Galvanised Iron Rainwater Tank                       $25.00
Special Opening Fee                                       $50.00



The Environment Protection Authority will not allow whole tyres to be deposited in any trenches and if found or observed by the EPA during their regular inspections, Council could attract a fine or have the licence to operate the rubbish dump withdrawn.

Rather than have tyres dumped on road sides, Council will accept rubber tyres into their rubbish dump compounds at a prescribed fee.  The fees, as set out below (all include GST), are determined by the cost charged to Council for shredding of the tyres.

Car Tyre                                       $ 4.00
4WD Tyre / Small Truck Tyre           $ 6.00
Truck                                           $20.00
Tractor Tyre  (depends on tractor)   $55.00
Large Truck   (approx)                   $45.00

The process is as follows:
1.  The relevant fee must be paid at the  Council Office prior to taking the tyres to the dump.
2.  The following will be issued: receipt ; and verification form which will specify the number and type of tyres the payment covers.
3.  Both the receipt and the verification form must be presented to the Dump Manager when depositing tyres at the rubbish dump.
4.  The receipt will be dated and signed by the Dump Manager and returned to the person.  The verification form will be retained by the Dump Manager.
5.  Tyres must not be placed in a trench but in a separate compound or location within the dump.

No tyre will be accepted at any of Council's dumps without prior payment to the Council. 


General Waste Collection (Weekly)

Purpose of the Service
To provide a weekly collection service for collection and disposal of general household waste in a 140L Red Top MGB.

Collection Days & Times (all bins out by 6am )
Main North Road south of Wirrabara

Port Flinders
Port Germein
Hds Telowie & Baroota
   Scenic Drive & Top Track
   Poles Road
   Market Gardens Road
   Reservoir Road
   Baroota Siding Road
   National Highway
   Port Germein Gorge Road
Hd Wongyarra
   Port Germein Gorge Road
   Survey Road (southern end) Survey Road (southern end)
   White Park Road (northern end)
   Rosslyn Road
Main North Road (between Murray Town & Wirrabara)
Murray Town
Wirrabara and Forest Area

Wirrabara to Appila Road via Almond Tree Corner
Appila Township
Booleroo Centre
Survey Road (northern end to 'Jilliby')
Wilmington & surrounding fringe & rural living areas
Hammond (fortnightly)
and designated roads connecting these towns.

Recycling Collection (Fortnightly)

Purpose of the Service
To provide a fortnightly collection service for the collection and disposal of recyclable waste in a 240L Green Top MGB.

Collection Days & Times (all bins out by 6am )
Port Flinders
Port Germein
Hds Telowie & Baroota
   Scenic Drive & Top Track
   Poles Road
   Market Gardens Road
   Reservoir Road
   Baroota Siding Road
   National Highway
   Port Germein Gorge Road
Hd Wongyarra
   Port Germein Gorge Road
   Survey Road (southern end) Survey Road (southern end)
   White Park Road (northern end)
   Rosslyn Road
Main North Road (between Murray Town & Wirrabara)
Murray Town
Wirrabara and Forest Area
Wirrabara to Appila Road via Almond Tree Corner
Appila Township
Booleroo Centre

Survey Road (northern end to 'Jilliby')
Wilmington & surrounding fringe & rural living areas
Hammond (fortnightly)
Main North Road south of Wirrabara
and designated roads connecting these towns.

What Goes In Each Bin?

RECYCLABLE ITEMS INCLUDE: [These items go into the GREEN Top Bin]

Soft drink bottles; Ice cream containers; Margarine containers; Milk bottles; Buckets; Agricultural pipe; Milk crates; Bleach bottles; Plumbing pipes & fittings; Clear cordial & fruit juice bottles; Garden hoses; Squeeze bottles; Black irrigation tube; Straws; Microwave ware (not Pyrex Glass); Yoghurt containers; Plastic cutlery & cups; Glass bottles & Jars (not mirror glass); Newspaper (not bundled or shredded); Magazines; Writing paper; Cardboard; Phone books; Milk & juice cartons; Steel & aluminium cans (labels left on); Egg cartons, Pizza boxes (empty and clean); Aerosol cans (empty); Shampoo, conditioner & cosmetic bottles; Cleaned plant pots Please remove all lids & ensure that all pots. items are empty, clean & rinsed.


GENERAL WASTE ITEMS INCLUDE: [These items go in the RED Top bin]

Ceramics; Crockery; Terracotta; Broken glass; Motor oil containers (empty); Clothing; Pyrex & mirror glass; Light bulbs, Nappies; Sponges; Cleaning cloths; Clothing; Linen; Fabric; Plastic bags, foam, polystyrene; Hot drink cups; Takeaway foam trays / containers; Cling wrap; Chip packets; Pens; Chocolate & sweet wrappers; CD's, DVDs, Memory cards, video & audio tapes; Alkaline batteries; Paint cans; String, rope & wire netting; Green waste (it is preferable for this to be composted rather than being put into the General Waste bin).


OTHER WASTE ITEMS INCLUDE: [These items must not go in either the fortnightly recycling or the weekly general waste collections. Alternative waste disposal options must be utilised for these waste items]

Chemicals; Hard materials (ie concrete; rocks; bricks, rubble & timber); Liquids; Sawdust; Hot ashes; Building products; Automobile components; Rocks; Earth (eg soil, clay); Tyres; Oil filters that have not been completely drained; E Waste (TVs, Video Recorders, Computers); Paint, Heavy metal batteries; Pharmaceuticals; Poisons; Oil; Ammunition.


A  to  Z  of WASTE ITEMS:

The following link will take you to a list of waste items in alphabetical order that can go into either the Weekly General Waste 140L Red Top MGB or into the Fortnightly Recycling 240L Green Top MGB.

A to Z Waste Items (Dec 2012) a%20to%20z%20document (201 kb)

Collection Calendar

To view or download a copy of the current collection year's collection calendar, please click on the following link.

Waste Mangement Calendar - 2013/2014(1276 kb)

Collection Requirements

Council Provided Mobile Garbage Bin(s)

Each residential property being provided with the collection service has been provided with a heavy duty 240L green top and 140L red top Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB). Each MGB is branded with a DCMR logo and a unique identification number. This number has been recorded on the rate assessment for the property to which it has been assigned.

Should the MGB(s) be stolen and found, Council will be able to return it to their correct location.

Land owners have each paid a service charge for the provision of the MGB(s). As such the MGB(s) should remain with the property upon sale. An owner can seek compensation from the new owner should they wish to do so through the settlement process.

If any MGB(s) are lost, stolen or damaged, it is the responsibility of the resident to replace the MGB with another. These can be purchased from the Council.

MGBs will be replaced where breakage has occurred due to the Contractors handling of the MGBs. The cost of replacement is to be borne by the Contractor. However, any MGB older than 8 years shall not be deemed acceptable for replacement.

Maximum Weight of Bin Contents

The maximum weight that can be lifted by a robotic arm is 85kg - please ensure that the contents of your MGB(s) do not exceed this weight.

Collection Position within Townships

Place the MGB(s) adjacent to the front of the property access.

Where the Contractor identifies a collection position as inaccessible he will in the first instance notify the resident and should this not be resolved, he will then notify the Council.

The MGB(s) should be placed with the logo facing the roadway with the wheels furthest away from the road verge.

In the event that MGBs are not placed in an appropriate location, or are found to contain material which should not be placed out for removal, the Contractor may refuse to collect the waste and shall leave the MGBs unemptied and attach a notice explaining why the particular waste was not collected.

The Contractor is required to return the empty MGB(s) to the collection point and leave it in an upright position with the lid closed, so that there is no obstruction to the driveway of the property or to pedestrians access along the footpath.

It is a resident's responsibility to ensure that their MGB(s) are placed at the collection point prior to the date and time of the relevant collection service.

Overfilling of Approved Containers

It is the responsibility of each resident to ensure that their MGBs are not filled beyond their capacity, with the lid in the fully closed position.

Where the Contractor identifies an over filled MGB, the Contractor is not obliged to empty the MGB and may attach a notice explaining the reasons for non collection. In this instance, the Contractor must inform the Council of all details of the residence and the nature of the incident.

Bin(s) to be kept in a clean and hygienic condition

It is the responsibility of each resident to maintain their MGBs in a clean and hygienic condition at all times.

If the MGB(s) are determined by the Contractor to be in an unsatisfactory condition, then they shall be emptied of the contents and the Contractor will attach a notice to the MGB(s) advising the resident that the MGB(s) are unsatisfactory and providing the reasons for the notice.

If the MGB(s) are in an unclean and / or unhygienic state over two successive collections, the Contractor is not required to provide the service for that residence on the third collection, and will contact the Council and the resident to resolve the issue.

Missed Collection

Where the Contractor has failed to carry out a collection service for premises entitled to the service and where the MGB(s) were correctly located prior to the stated collection time on the collection day, the Contractor is required to provide a collection service to such premises by the end of that day (provided the missed collection has been reported and logged prior to 2.00 pm on that day.)

Should any reports be received after 2.00 pm, these collections will be allocated for the following day or other arrangements will be made.

***  Please note that you will require a 140L Red Top MGB for General Waste collection as any other colour or sized MGB placed out on General Waste collection day will not be collected.

Bins Obstructed by Vehicles

Residents are requested to ensure that they do not park vehicles in a manner which will obstruct access by the collection vehicle or hinder the automated operation of the robotic arm.

Multiple Bins at a Pick-up Location

The Contractor is required to note and advise the Council if a resident places more than one (1) MGB out for the weekly general waste or fortnightly recycling collection and the landowner will be appropriately charged for such multiple collections.

Bins Without Council Logo

The Contractor is required to note and advise the Council of all MGB(s) placed for collection that are not imprinted with the Council logo and these will be checked against the Council register and appropriate charges applied to the relevant landowner.


Individual Property Location

Pickup locations for individual properties are adjacent the front of the property access and on the left hand side of the designated route. Any landowner who is uncertain of the direction of the collection route can obtain a map from the Council Office.

Multi MGB Pick up Localities

Multi MGB pick up localities will be provided on request to Council at identified locations in order to provide the opportunity for outlying residents to utilise the service.

National Highway One

Bins are not to be placed on the verge of the Highway because of the danger that the bins could present to vehicular traffic and the possibility of spillage caused by the vacuum of road trains.

Hard Waste Collection

Council will be conducting a Hard Waste Collection during October 2013.

Hard Waste can include:

  • Paper/cardboard (must be bundled & tied)
  • White goods (Fridges & freezers with seals removed, washing machines, heaters dryers)
  • Household furniture & goods
  • Household fixtures (kitchen cupboards, window frames)
  • Miscellaneous items (push bikes, lawn mowers, garden equipment, empty garden pots etc)
  • Timber off-cuts
  • Carpet (max. of floor covering for 2 rooms)
  • Empty paint tins

The following will not be collected:

  • e-waste, TV's, Computers etd (There may be a separate collection for these items at a later date)
  • Vehicle bodies
  • Car body parts (including engines, exhausts, gearboxes)
  • Tyres
  • Fencing Wire
  • Hazardous chemicals, oils (both motor and vegetable), paint, insecticides, pesticides
  • Asbestos waste
  • Green waste, ie tree branches; prunings etc
  • Garden soil
  • Building rubble
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Ammunition or explosives of any kind
  • Gas bottles

Collection Guidelines:

  • This kerbside collection is only available for properties within townships.
  • All waste must be on the footpath by 5.00 pm the evening prior to the pick-up date. 
  • All loose and smaller items should be placed in a strong box or bag and securely tied.
  • Each item should be able to be lifted by two persons.
  • Remove mirrors/glass from cabinets, bedroom furniture and place separately on footpath.
  • Do not place other items inside fridges, wardrobes etc.
  • Do not obstruct the footpath with items.
  • Do not obstruct or cover SA Water fire plugs or valves.
  • Please separate items, eg paper/cardboard; timber; steel (do not place on top of each other) and the area must be kept tidy.
  • No items will be collected from inside property boundaries - they must be on the footpath area (If you have a disability that prevents you from doing this, please contact Council Staff as it may be possible to organise other arrangements).

Collection Dates for 2013:

Port Germein and Port Flinders - Monday 14th October
Wilmington, Bruce and Hammond - Wednesday 16th October
Wirrabara and Murray Town - Monday 21st October
Booleroo Centre and Appila - Wednesday 23rd October
Melrose and Willowie - Friday 25th October

Residents and Ratepayers Residing Outside of Townships:

Residents and ratepayers residing outside of townships can apply at the Council Office, for a free Dump Pass which will allow them to take the equivalent of one 6 x 4 trailer load of hardwaste (refer to the list above) to the Willowie Landfill; Wirrabara or Port Germein Transfer Stations.


Green Waste Collection

This service is still being developed and is not yet available.

Waste Oil

Council was successful in attracting a Commonwealth Grant of $28,000 for the purchase and installation of Waste Oil Units at the Wirrabara and Port Germein Transfer Stations.  The funding was provided under the Product Stewardship for Oil Programme.

This funding covered the majority of the establishment costs for these units, with Council contributing the remainder.

The installation of the units followed Council's concern of the possibility of illegal dumping of oil and the associated damage to the environment.

Used motor oil (not cooking oils) is a resource used for firing furnaces and must be free from contaminants like water and coolants.

One of Council's obligations in securing the grant, was that the depositing of used oil at these units must be free of charge, provided that the amount of oil being deposited does not exceed 40 litres per person for 2 years following the agreement's expiration.  For the disposal of larger quantities of clean, used oil (eg farmer with several 200 litre drums), it would be more appropriate to contact the waste oil collection agencies direct and organise an on-site pick-up.

Waste oil can be taken to the Willowie Refuse site or either of the Transfer Stations at Port Germein or Wirrabara.  Please ensure that all containers have lids secured and are not leaking.  Spilled oil creates OHS & W and environmental issues.

For more information on the services, please talk to the site Managers / Operators who are trained in the safe operation of the units, or contact the Council Office.

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