Northern Passenger Transport Network

The Northern Passenger Transport Network extends over six Council regions, being the District Council of Mount Remarkable, the District Council of Orroroo/Carrieton, the District Council of Peterborough, Port Pirie Regional Council, Northern Areas Council and the Flinders Ranges Council.

Please contact the Northern Passenger Transport Network on 8666 2255 to find our more or to discover the eligibility criteria.

Volunteers are required to keep the scheme operating effectively. If you would like to become a volunteer driver please contact the Northern Passenger Transport Network on 8666 2255 or email.

A community service funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, and supported by the District Council of Mount Remarkable, the District Council of Orroroo/Carrieton, the District Council of PeterboroughPort Pirie Regional CouncilNorthern Areas Council and the Flinders Ranges Council. Although funding for this service has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.

Our aim to you

Our aim is to complement and work with existing transport operators, assist those who don’t drive and have no other means of transport including no friends or cannot access public transport.

There is a strict criteria for those who wish to utilise our transport service. Servicing those who are frail, aged, transport isolated or have a ‘functional disability’. A ‘functional disability’ meaning the passenger being able to move independently with no lifting needed from a volunteer.

Northern Passenger Transport recognises that a family member or friend is entitled to travel with clients if needed but the companion must remain with the client at all times ensuring a constant level of care and support.

What to do when booking appointments

  • When making appointments in Adelaide, request times between 10.30am and 2pm, explain you live in the country and will be transported by volunteer drivers or a health bus.
  • The NPTN staff may advocate on your behalf to change appointment times or days to when transport is available. Every effort will be made to provide assistance however there may be times when we are unable to assist due to prior engagements of vehicles and or Volunteers.
  • Please contact NPTN staff as soon as you have an appointment, your appointment time changes or is cancelled. Clients travelling must advise staff of multiple appointments as this will change transport arrangements.
  • For some procedures requiring admission before 9.30, please negotiate with your doctor or hospital and try to get to Adelaide the day before.
Fee for Service

  • Fees apply to all users of volunteer transport
  • Fees are based on distance between towns
  • No fee is expected from carers/companions who don’t have an appointment
  • New consumers transport fees will be advised at assessment
  • Consumers financial issues will be taken into account if client is unable to pay
  • We are a non for profit organisation and all fees are used to enhance the service
  • For a copy of the full fee policy please ring 8666 2255

* One way trips will be charged the same as return trip costs.

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