Little Corella

Council and the community have been dealing with the Little Corella problem for decades.  The Corella problem is a State-wide issue and has been recognised by the Local Government Association of South Australia as an issue of concern for many councils and has moved 2 motions calling for State Government departments to find a resolution to the matter.  Council has met with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and University SA and as per the Uni SA - Discovery Circle report "Little Corellas Social and Ecological Research for Management in South Australia" there is no quick fix to the problem.  A copy of the document is available below or on the DEWNR website

Council receives complaints from residents and businesses about Little Corellas annually regarding problems the birds are causing. In addition we also get complaints opposed to the actions taken against the birds. In the past years Council has trialed lethal and non-lethal methods such as culling (shooting) through the SA Shooters Association, netting and gassing, and cap pistols with little effect.

Council has purchased two gas guns in efforts to scare the birds from the towns and seeking the assistance of the local CFS to utilise their water hoses to disturb the birds.

Corella’s are a whole of community issue that requires input from everyone if there is to be any chance of a solution. Residents that experience nuisance issues at their property on private land, need to undertake their own management controls to protect and relieve nuisance on their property.  A combination of scaring techniques will work best, as the birds are very intelligent and become accustomed to individual techniques quickly.  However this needs to be a uniform approach by residents and neighbours, as scaring the birds only shifts the problems to others.

Council will continue to liaise with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resource and provide input to the State Government's development of a State-wide management plan to manage the impacts of Little Corellas across of South Australia.


Little Corella Management Plan 2020

PUBLIC NOTICE Little Corella Control