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Dog & Cat Management

Section 26A of the Dog & Cat Management Act 1995 places a requirement upon all Councils to develop Animal Management Plans and states that:
(1) Each council must, in accordance with this section, prepare a plan relating to the management of dogs and cats within its area.
(2) A plan of management must include provisions for parks where dogs may be exercised off-leash and for parks where dogs must be under effective control by means of physical restraint, and may include provisions for parks where dogs are prohibited.
(3) A plan of management must be prepared and presented to the Board as follows:
(a) the first plan must cover a 5 year period and be prepared and presented within 3 years after the commencement of this section;
(b) subsequent plans must cover subsequent 5 year periods and each plan must be prepared and presented at least 6 months before it is to take effect.
(4) A plan of management must be approved by the Board before it takes effect.
(5) A council may, with the approval of the Board, amend a plan of management at any time during the course of the 5 year period covered by the plan.

The Animal Management Plan identifies strategies and actions to implement Council's aims and objectives for domestic animal management, specifically dogs and cats, and relates these back to the wider policy context. The Strategy has been prepared by Council's Administration on behalf of Council, drawing information from a broad range of stakeholders, with the community asked to comment on the draft prior to its formal consideration and adoption by Council.

The Plan's objective is to promote and facilitate responsible ownership of dogs and cats, animal welfare and the benefits of animal companionship, focusing on the legitimate needs of pets and their owners, whilst respecting the rights of other members of the community and protecting the environment.

The Plan aims to:
* promote responsible dog and cat ownership;
* provide effective management for the welfare and safety of dogs and cats;
* increase public safety through reduction of public and environmental nuisance caused by dogs and cats;
* provide for the needs of pets and pet owners;
* acknowledge the importance of dogs and cats in the Community; and
* protect native fauna and flora from the impact of dogs and cats.

The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 ("the Act") brought into South Australia a new legal framework covering both dogs and cats. The objectives of the Act are to:
* encourage responsible dog and cat ownership;
* reduce public and environmental nuisance caused by dogs and cats; and
* promote the effective management of dogs and cats.

Whilst the Act provides the legal framework for Council's responsibilities and the penalties that can be imposed on dog owners for non compliance, this Animal Management Plan seeks to implement a balanced approach that caters for everyone's needs. It will not only benefit dogs and their owners as a group with legitimate needs, but also the wider community and those charged with the responsibility of animal management.

To download or view the Dog & Cat Animal Management Plan follow the link below.

Dog and Cat Management Plan 2019 - 2024