SA Planning and Design Code

As part of South Australia’s new Planning and Design Code (the Code) is now available to the general public for familiarisation purposes ahead of its planned implementation on 31 July 2020.

To ensure all South Australians are confident and familiar with the new planning system, the State Planning Commission are providing the community with an opportunity to access the online Code for Phase One (Outback Areas) and Phase Two (Rural Areas) via the new #ePlanning platform at

Once live, the Code will allow development applications for the state’s outback and rural areas to be submitted and tracked online via mobile, tablet or computer. For the first time ever, there will be clear and consistent planning policies across our state that are easily accessible and available to all. The Code may be subject to refinement ahead of its final adoption.

Join the State Planning Commission for a webinar to learn how to use the new #ePlanning platform ahead of it’s launch on 31 July, and explore how to access the new #Planning and #Design #Code for rural and outback areas online.

Webinars are available at the following times:
Wednesday, 8 July from 1pm-2pm
Tuesday, 14 July from 6pm-7pm
Monday, 20 July from 3pm-4pm
Monday, 27 July from 5pm-6pm

To register for a webinar, visit: